A good development partner can fuel your fire

Your strength as a customer is that you know your components, your products and your customers. Our strength is to serve a wide range of specialists such as yourself, primarily through our production knowledge, our machining resources and our collective experience.

DFM - Design for manufacturing

Product design is an important area. A component’s Life Cycle Cost is largely determined during the design stage. It is not only about good design, but manufacturability. It is easy for what is a good design in other respects to be difficult to manufacture. The design engineer often produces a model and sends it to us for review and to receive feedback. We call this Design Review. Those who skip this stage may be subject to production problems or high costs. The design has a major impact on the overall manufacturing cost.

​​​​​​​The fewer stages required to machine it, move it, get it into the correct position and fit it, the lower the total cost. Other important factors for manufacturability include materials and the quality of raw materials, the shape of the raw material, dimensions and tolerances, reworking and finishing. We can offer advice on everything from material selection to corrosion protection. With our extensive purchasing network, we can offer solid support in finding the right overall solution for manufacturing, quality and price.
DFA - Design for assembly
Every day for fifty years we have had the privilege of meeting many industry leaders. We have helped to resolve all types of issues throughout the primary production process. This collective expertise is what we want to offer you! Please let us know if you are interested in what we could do for you as a development partner.
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