Great machining always comes down to the know-how of the person operating the machine

We could probably tell you about our highly-automated and robotised machinery, our 3,000 m² factory area, and how we handle the various components.However, we would rather emphasise the skills of the individuals we employ. We are known for having talented, experienced, meticulous and reliable employees, which is vital when you work with casting components. There must be particular emphasis on preparatory work, and you can encounter a great many pitfalls if work is not organised properly and well thought out. We are proud of our quality ethos, our willingness to take responsibility and our good housekeeping practices.

These are endeavours that should be pursued diligently, and it’s not the case that we want to blow our own trumpet in any way. Efforts to develop and improve ourselves, our methods and our products are and should be a natural element of work. Good tools do half the job for you, and we have continually prioritised investment in first-rate machinery and our own fixture/prototype workshop. Creative customers with stringent requirements have provided us with an opportunity not just to develop, but also to expand in a stable fashion over the years. And we thank them for that!

However, it can be useful to know something about the actual processing methods. Our Okuma multitasking machines with their 10-pallet system and large tool magazines ensure very short set-up times. The work area is 800x800x800 mm.

​​​​​​​Automated lathes equipped with a portal robot or industrial robots with vision systems optimise efficiency and reduce the need for staff. Post-manufacture services, such as de-burring, marking, pressing of bushings, etc., can be performed automatically while the machines are working on the next component. The current work area is up to Ø420 mm.

Intermittent processing
Intermittent Bearbetning1Intermittent Bearbetning1
Intermittent Bearbetning1
Short set-up times
Efficient working
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Effektiv bearbetning av gjutgods