To think about the environment

In our work as a producer of machined castings, will always look for ways in which to improve the environment in the short and long term. With this environmental policy, we want to encourage the development of more environmentally-friendly production solutions and as ecofriendly a production process as possible.
Växjöfabriken’s environmental work*) is based on the following five points:*)
  • The business shall operate efficiently and use resources wisely.
  • Waste and emissions shall be minimised within the scope of what is technically and financially possible.
  • We shall take a preventive approach to contaminants.
  • We shall comply with legislation and other requirements.
  • We shall continuously improve our environmental work.
*) Miljöarbete enligt ISO.
Växjöfabriken Produktions AB upprättar och underhåller ett dokumenterat ledningssystem  för kvalitet och miljö som baseras på krav och anvisningar enligt kvalitetsstandarden 
ISO9001:2008, samt miljöledningssystemet ISO 14001:2004.