Quality assurance in every detail is a total commitment

Quality assurance is a matter worth considering carefully. In all elements of a process. At Växjöfabriken we work hard to safeguard our quality using APQP and FMEA. Wherever possible, this must be done before a quote is even submitted. We use modern, reliable machinery that guarantees good process capability, which we see reflected in the SPC measurements we perform.

No matter how proactive you are, you will always need to monitor the situation and rectify any problems. We employ a method that ensures continuous improvement and incorporates
Lean, which we call “Team Production”. All the commercial objectives we set are broken down by department, machine and operator, enabling us to move the business forward in the right direction at a fast pace in the best way we know how. Standardised working practices ensure good housekeeping. This is a prerequisite for everything being able to work every hour, every day, month and year.

​​​​​​​When it comes to quality assurance, there are no easy victories. Many small improvements every day produce results in the long term, such as dedicated employees and a process that just gets better and better. Of course, quality is also a financial factor. We hope that our experience and know-how within this field will contribute to increasing the margins for your end product.

Kvalitet genom ISO-certifieradeKvalitet genom ISO-certifierade
Kvalitet genom ISO-certifierade
CMM Measurement
SPS diagram
SPS diagramSPS diagram
SPS diagram